Electronic Document Management

Electronic Document Management Capture, Classify, Extract, Verify data from forms. Configure complex rules in order to streamline processing.

Digitize content and automate workflows to drive compliance, scalability, and accountability.

Vasion's Electronic Content Management (ECM) can capture your documents no matter the source: scanner, MFP, Email, line of business software, or directly from Microsoft Office applications. As your central library, Vasion organizes your documents based on index criteria, making them easily found via quick searches rather than fumbling through filing cabinets or complex folder trees. Better still, your documents are more secure. With multiple security options, Users and Groups can be assigned special security rights, from Read‑Only to full administrator. In addition, all access and activity with each document throughout the entire system is tracked. This in‑depth auditing coupled with Vasion's rules for retention and destruction help ensure your company is compliant with government regulations.

Documents are not static. They contain information that must be accessed by several individuals or groups that may be in the same office or across the globe. From the moment a document arrives in Vasion it can be routed to any user following your business workflow requirements. Invoices can be processed for payment, insurance claims can be reviewed and colleagues can be tasked with editing a report. As changes are made, Vasion can track changes as a new version, allowing staff collaborating on tasks access to the latest version while ensuring that all previous changes are not lost.


Create and customize digital forms

Simple and powerful eForm creation for your digital transformation
Leverage Vasion eForms to eliminate the inefficiencies and compliance risks of paper in your organization. In a matter of minutes, create custom digital forms using a no‑code drag and drop forms designer. Publish forms privately or embed on a website and begin efficiently collecting information and signatures from users on all device types.
Information collected through Vasion eForms is encrypted and automatically routed into secure storage, workflows, or third‑party applications according to your business needs. You'll exceed compliance standards and gain visibility with audit trails, reporting and security policies.
  • Convert paper forms into digital
  • Enable calculations, auto‑fill, & validation
  • Build/embed forms into workflows & 3rd party apps
  • Support single & multi‑page forms
  • Capture & search data efficiently
  • No-code drag and drop forms designer


Scale your business with no‑code workflows

Put an end to manual business processes with Vasion workflow. Use the no‑code workflow designer to build scalable digital workflows quickly and simply. Automatically route information to the right people and systems at the right time to collect approvals, assign tasks, and complete documents. Seamlessly connect workflows across eForms, digital signatures, content management, print and third‑party applications.
Create accountability with an intuitive end user workspace that shows the status of all workflows, tasks, and assignments. Ensure compliance and security with access policies, audit trails and robust reporting.
  • Create workflows intuitively & easily
  • Visualize the status of workflows & tasks
  • Systematize approvals & compliance
  • Integrate with LOB processes & apps
  • Track mission‑critical information
  • Secure vital processes & data


Digitally transform your signature process

Many business processes require signatures from both internal and external signers. Eliminate the manual process of printing, signing, scanning, and emailing documents by automating digital signatures into your business process. Vasion signature can be routed to multiple signers, inside and outside of your company, and can be included as part of existing workflows.
With PKI encryption and compliance with the eSign and UETA Acts, your digital signatures will be secure, providing greater compliance, scalability, and accountability. Automate the signature process, and get work done faster on your digital transformation journey.
  • Secure signatures with PKI encryption
  • eSign Act & UETA Act compliant
  • Support internal & external users
  • Route documents for multiple signers
  • Add digital signature zones to any document
  • Include signatures into existing workflows


Secure your content, and put it to work

Poorly managed digital documents breeds inefficiency, liabilities and excessive costs for your organization. Information and documents must be secure and meet all compliance standards or they can expose your organization to data loss and liabilities. Administration and central management needs to be intuitive, nimble and reliable or it can drive costs through IT overhead and downtime.
End users need to be able to quickly and easily access information, and move it in and out of workflows in order to automate business processes. You can achieve this by leveraging Vasion Content Management to deliver efficient, compliant and reliable content management that is simple to implement and manage. Don't just store your content ‑ secure it and put it to work, with Vasion.
  • Connect content via capture & workflow
  • Centrally manage content across platforms
  • Find content with universal search
  • Encrypt files in transit & at rest
  • Automate retention & compliance policies
  • Print to storage


Easily digitize analog content

Enforce regulatory compliance and eliminate cumbersome paper with Vasion Capture. Documents and information can be digitized and indexed directly from desktop and multi‑function scanners, faxes, mobile devices, browser or third party applications. Automation and AI then extracts key information and routes documents according to your organization's needs.
Information and documents are routed seamlessly into secure storage, workflows, digital signature, or third‑party applications. Grant accessibility with universal search and reporting while ensuring compliance through audit trails, access rights and automatic retention policies.
  • Automate the data capture process with AI
  • Digitize content via MFD, mobile & browser
  • Import & classify existing digital content
  • Enable intelligent OCR capture
  • Track document history details


Reduce printing where you can, secure it where you need it

Your digital transformation journey doesn't mean you have to eliminate printing with the flip of a switch ‑ that's not practical and it doesn't work for business. It starts with eliminating the costly legacy infrastructure, moving management to the cloud, and then making print more efficient and automated as part of your business processes.
Vasion will help you start by eliminating your print servers and moving your print management to the cloud, which will dramatically lessen the cost burden associated with printing. As your business reduces printing overtime, Vasion will help you digitally transform printing by automating print into workflows, capturing and storing sensitive print jobs, and by creating a more secure and touch‑less printing experience for your users.
Modern Serverless Printing
  • Print to digital workflows & storage
  • Automate output management via workflows
  • Archive PDF versions of any or all print jobs
  • Assign searchable attributes to printed files
  • Address compliance with print reporting & audit
  • Eliminate Print Servers
  • Reduce print‑related help desk calls