Self-service Payment Kiosk

Self-service Payment Kiosk Enhance your customer's service experience with a convenient, safe, time saving bill payment kiosk.

Lock in the dollars -

Lock out the fraud

Kiosk Pros are designed for customizable solutions which provide valued services for self-serve or cash-preferred customers.  Enhance your customer's service experience with a convenient, safe, time saving bill payment kiosk.

With the continuation of decreasing budgets many offices have had to adopt automated solutions for repetitive service offerings.  Kiosk Pros offers several self-serve kiosks that provide proven, cost-effective delivery for most mainstream transactions.

The kiosk can be use in one or multiple departments.  Look up the bill by customer or bill information or with a simple scan of the barcode. 

If you don't have the means to take credit card's over the counter, a payment kiosk is your solution.  With options of receiving payments by credit card, check, cash or a combination of the three, a payment kiosk is a great addition to your organization.  Once the customer makes the secure payment a receipt is issued.

Free up
- Counter space
- Staff
- Wait lines
- Processing time
Direct payment offers customers the ability to pay their bills at your location with a conveniently placed pedestal, thru-wall or vault kiosk.

Aggregate Bill Payment offers your customers the convenience to pay multiple bills at one location (i.e. taxes, permits, fines, fees and more).

Automation of these forms of payment (cash / debit / credit / check /) facilitates services to un-banked / under-banked clients, while eliminating costly personal payment processing.

Electronic input minimizes human error and reconciliation costs, increases throughput, and speeds transaction time for customers.

Multi-lingual options empower foreign-speaking customers.

Security features ensure customer confidentiality in every transaction.

How can self-pay kiosks help your organization?
Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Central or remote placement
  • Up to 24/7 access
  • Accept payments for multiple departments
  • Free your staff to work on other projects
    Help minimize customer wait times during busy periods
    Cashier-free payment processing
    Provide multiple forms of payment for customer convenience
  • Credit Card
  • Check
  • Cash
  • ... any combination of the above
  • Customer account identification
  • Scans bill bar code for automated lookup
  • Touch-Screen for manual lookup
  • Bi-lingual
    Automatically report and audit all activity
  • Posting file for batch updates to billing system
  • Electronic deposit file for checks
  • Reports
  • Ck