CC1 CC1 - Commerical Cleaning Robot

CC1 Supplies
Level 1:
4-6H per day in retails, logistics, etc.
3-4H working on rough grounds such as concrete flooring and rough stone flooring
Lots of stains on the ground
Level 2:
3-4H working on slightly rough grounds such as wear-resistant flooring and terrazzo flooring
1-2H working on rough grounds
3-5H for a long time operation on smooth grounds
A small amount of stain on the ground
Level 3:
Epoxy flooring, PVC, and other plastic floors are cleaned by mopping sweepers or soft brushes
Smooth grounds such as marble and artificial tiles
Neat and tidy grounds
Recommended replacement frequency per level (times/year)
Consumables Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Large roller brush 12 6 4
Small roller brush 12 6 4
Squeegee-rubber strip 12 6 4
Side brush 12 6 4
Filter - net 4 4 3
Mopping sweeper 104 78 52

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Form Type:
Price Description
2 $90.00 Scrubbing Brush Scrubbing Brush

2 $81.00 Sweeping Brush Sweeping Brush

ea $36.00 Side Brush Side Brush

ea $9.00 Mopping Cloth Mopping Cloth

ea $18.00 Dust Bin Dust Bin

ea $18.00 Water Filter Chamber Water Filter Chamber

ea $23.00 Mopping Sweeper Rubber Strip - front Mopping Sweeper Rubber Strip - front

ea $23.00 Mopping Sweeper Rubber Strip - back Mopping Sweeper Rubber Strip - back

ea $23.00 Squeegee Rubber - front Squeegee Rubber - front

ea $23.00 Squeegee Rubber - back Squeegee Rubber - back

ea $270.00 Carpet Vacuuming Assembly Carpet Vacuuming Assembly

ea $14.00 360° Canned Air 360° Canned Air
Lets you spray from any angle --even upside down-- without frosting. Contains 8 oz. of pure tetrafluoroethane, which is 100% ozone safe, moisture-free, and non-flammable. Blasting power exceeds 80 psi.

ea $9.99 Canned Air Canned Air
Convenient for tool kits and transit cases. 100% ozone safe. Blasting power exceeds 70 psi.
Case (12) $113.88

50 pk $13.00 Cleaning Rags Cleaning Rags
Low linting and soft enough for precision cleaning, yet strong enough to replace shop towels. Polybagged in packs of 50 wipes each.
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