UV Gardian

UV Gardian The UV-Guardian is the ultimate solution for surface disinfecting

The UV-Guardian is the ultimate solution for surface disinfecting. With a completely automated process, the UV-Guardian roams your designated space, utilizing its high-powered UV lamps to destroy harmful bacteria and viruses.

Smart-sensing technology allows UV Guardian to navigate with centimeter-level precision around obstacles, and adjusts for new routes accordingly, making it fully customizable and tailor-fit for your business's needs.

The UV Guardian is the ultimate solution for automated surface disinfecting


Disinfects areas in as little as 30 seconds

Effective range of 19.7 feet

Automatically returns to charging station

UV-C Light ranging between 200nm and 280nm


Control remotely or assign mapped routes

Map out multiple locations


Automatic obstacle avoidance

Emergency stop switch

Infrared human body detection


UV-C is a proven technology for disinfection

UV-C exposure inactivates microbial organisms such as bacteria and viruses by altering the structure and the molecular bonds of their DNA, effectively sanitizing surfaces.

Testing and Certification

UV-Guardian is certified by SGS, EPA, FCC and CE. Our patented technology comes with the guarantee that your customers and employees will be kept safe.

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