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How The Multifamily Technology Solutions Tenants Want Can Minimize NOI
Nov 29, 2022
Steep competition within the multifamily market and against the cooling single-family housing market means multifamily property owners need new ways to stand apart while maximizing net operating income (NOI)   …   read more
5 Restaurant Technology Trends to Future-Proof Operations and Improve Profitability in 2023
Nov 15, 2022
Technology is transforming the restaurant industry as the traditionally high-touch industry is becoming more high-tech. Innovative new service and automation solutions are helping restaurants and other facilities with high volumes of food service better support their staff and optimize front-of-house operations.   …   read more
7 Ways to Differentiate from the Traditional Senior Living Facility
Oct 27, 2022
There are many ways to set your senior living community apart from the competition while offering seniors in your area all the care they need at an affordable cost.   …   read more
How Automation Can Improve Restaurant Worker Shortages
Oct 19, 2022
The restaurant industry continues to adjust to labor challenges, even as demand for labor grows in the food service sector. Automation has been proven to increase labor productivity in many industries. Human workers are often freed up by automating routine, predictable tasks to perform more valuable tasks.   …   read more
3 Strategies to Elevate Hospitality Service
Sep 6, 2022
The hospitality service industry is more competitive than ever: you can no longer rely on low   …   read more
Creating a More Balanced Workload for Hotel Housekeepers
Aug 23, 2022
Hotel housekeepers have had enough. In November 20211 1 million hotel and restaurant workers quit   …   read more
The Cost of Robotics in the Workplace
Aug 9, 2022
Robots in the workplace are rapidly increasing in popularity. According to the National Institute   …   read more
Rethinking Automation in the Workplace
Jul 26, 2022
A new paradigm of work has begun, and it's changing the way we approach automation in the   …   read more

6 Things to Get Right with Workplace Robotic Programs
Jul 25, 2022
From the desk of SoftBank Robotics' VP of Rev Ops, Customer Experience and Growth…. When I talk to   …   read more
6 Unexpected Benefits of Automated Cleaning Equipment
Jul 12, 2022
Automated cleaning equipment offers some tremendous benefits to your labor force. After all,   …   read more
Turning Your Robotics Data Into Actionable Insights
Jun 21, 2022
Robots are changing the way we live, work, and interact with our world. Once confined to industrial   …   read more
How to Leverage Robots for a Strong Return on Experience
Jun 7, 2022
Organizations that decide to purchase a robotic floor cleaning solution may be focused on the   …   read more
Workforce Transformation in the Age of Robotics
May 17, 2022
There has never been a better time to focus on workforce transformation. Whether your business has   …   read more
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