Reduce Paper Cost

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Increase Office Productivity

In 1987 Ken Girard opened the doors to F&E Hedman which has transformed to Girard’s Business Solutions, Inc. Nate Girard, Ken’s son and current President/Owner, has kept the standards and requirement for high quality office solutions as instilled in him by his father. This is exemplified by our commitment to keep up with the technology trends and needs of our customers.

Girard’s has helped thousands of customers with equipment and software solutions that make sense.  Our goal is to optimize the areas in your organization that decreases your productivity.  From conception to implementation, we can help you manage your document flow, reduce your operational costs and gain the technological advantage of leading-edge software, services and equipment.

The Girard’s staff prides itself with keeping up to date with the latest equipment and software solutions in the industry.  We work with many manufactures around the country to help streamline your work flow.  Timely service and a complete product satisfaction guarantee are our quality signatures.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we conduct free no-obligation online demonstrations on document scanning and management or payment processing.

TechDo you need to digitize your file cabinets?

Looking for a more efficient way to pass documents within your organization?

At any given time, between 3 and 5 percent of an organization’s files are lost or misplaced. (Information Week) 

In our Document management demo we will show you a low-cost high benefit solution to digitize those file cabinets and reduce the loss of items.

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Are you manually entering your payments into you accounting system?

There are many benefits to scanning and electronic posting of you payments, but the two biggest are time and customer service.  Electronic processing will reduce the time it takes CSR's take to manually enter the payments.  With electronic processing companies remove the valuable time used to follow the paper trail to research keystroke errors.

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